07046 Dental Office

07046 Dental Office

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Teeth whitening in 07046

07046 Dental Office
07046 Dental Office

With both in-office and at-home teeth whitening, we at You Should Smile make is easy for you to rid yourself of those frustrating stains and discolorations that have made your smile less than ideal.

At our 07046 dental office, will get brighter, more attractive teeth in less than an hour. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s safe. Store-bought whitening products may actually cause damage to your tooth enamel. That’s because they can contain abrasive ingredients. Our teeth whitening is a chemical bleaching process that breaks down the stains. You can also choose to do it on your own with our handy take-home method. It’s a more gradual process. Our 07046 dental office will provide you with custom-made whitening trays. You simply wear them for two to three hours per night (or overnight in some cases) for a period of two to three weeks. You will then return to us to have your progress gauged. In either instance, you can expect the positive effects to last for at least a year, and maybe even longer with proper maintenance, and depending on your habits. The habits that we refer to includes tobacco use (smoking and smokeless), along with popular foods and drinks. Common ones are tea, coffee, red wine, cola, berries, curry, and hard candies. Even some prescription medication, like tetracycline, will discolor teeth. And the natural aging process leads to a slow loss of tooth enamel, revealing the tissue beneath. That layer is duller and so there is a progressive loss of whiteness as you get older. Fortunately, there is something that you can do about it.

Which of our methods of teeth whitening is best? It’s all a matter of preference on your part. So call our 07046 dental office and let us arrange an appointment for you to come in.

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